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Oh Hai~
So I havent been blogging on Livejournal for a while and thats because Ive been blogging on xanga =\.
But anyway~ I got a a temp job right now! (:

<3 Jess.

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I didn't lie when I said I liked you.After a while you had show me you felt the same way too. Thats when I started looking for your flaws. An excuse to be exact so I don't have to open up to you. Im a coward. Im afraid of getting hurt over and over again. My trust was shattered and time had never heal it. So I'm sorry if this is fustrating to you. But its even more fustrating to me how I can't express myself openly. Its so strange how my last friendship ended didnt bother me as much as the first one that got shattered but then the trust I lost for her had rebuild on its own and I have come to forgive and forget what had happend back in the days. But then overall I found out.. My trust for everyone is still on thin water. Except for the close ones but I would still have doubts to whether are they telling me the truth or just pure bullshit. I hope one day I can believe in everyone's words and not getting hurt.  Right now im slowly opening up to You.

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So i got four classes! Now hopefully i can get another one (: . But
so like right now my classes is only on tuesday and thursday!
How awesome is that (: ?!
OH! But if i add a lang class which would be EVERY single day
but oh well thats fine.
that'll be 16 units right there ^-^~

Oh and i think im going to move to NY in about a year or so.
I'm not sure yet.
but its 50/50 right now so yeah .
oh well , i just gatta wait and see~


Im not.. But when i think about it.. i am..

so then.. does that mean your going to extend your hand to me?

i need to stop ignoring all the text and calls im getting.
sorry guys.

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Life pretty much is good. Minus my family life. Its shit. Always will be shit.
I can't WAIT til i get to move out of this hellhole.
Yet sometimes family thinks i got problems when i finally explode with all these anger in me.
Why yes i have problems thanks to you guys. Why don't you send me away to the mental hospital?
I can't even express how i feel to you guys because you think its just excuses and bunch of bs.
and when i exploded you think im fucked up in the head.
When you guys saw my ex-friend and asked how i should help her and stuff.
You told me not to hang out with her because of her depression problem
so i defended. Now im guessing when i told you guys were no longer friends .
You guys were secretly happy , right?

GOD. I just hate this. Hate all this lie.
I hate how i have to lie about a few stuff to the person i like.
its fucking killing me.
and i have no one to tell these to.
I'm scare.

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Happy turkeyday!

Cant wait til saturday. Anyway , yesturday went to the movies and got home at 9;30pm.
i dont have much to blog cus im super tired. i cant remember what else i did . OH! i bought cake n cheesecake for Michelle T cus it was her birthday ! (:

well im ganna help the thanksgiving diiner.



Some fag from my math class asked me out. So i said no. (:

because even tho i said im giving up on Tony.I can't help but still like him.

OOOOOOOHMYGOD! Johnny is attending  CSCA Le cordon bleu! :< WOOT FOOD. hahas.